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Language trip to London

Language trip to London

From April 22nd to April 29th our classes, 4AHIF and 4BHIF, embarked on an exciting journey to explore the city of London. After a busy day of travel, we settled in with our host families and spent the rest of the evening preparing for the week ahead.

Each day started at language school in Greenwich, where we had the chance to use the communication skills we had developed over the years. This setting also gave us the opportunity to interact with local Londoners, learning about their daily lives and experiences in this famous city.

After school, we ventured to see London’s most iconic landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and the Tower of London. We also visited famous museums like the National History Museum and the Science Museum. After the group activities, many of us enjoyed going shopping in Camden Market and trying a variety of foods in China Town, which offered a glimpse into Asian culture.

However, the undeniable highlight for most of us was our trip to Brighton on the final day - a pleasant change of scenery after the bustling city life. Luckily, it was a sunny and warm day, allowing us to enjoy the beach and relax in the park of the Royal Pavilion. This was a perfect end to our language trip, leaving us with lasting impressions and cherished memories.

Nancy Kaushal and Laura Zlodnjak