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4AHMBA – Language trip to Scotland

4AHMBA – Language trip to Scotland

In the mid of June, the 4AHMBA went to Scotland for eight days – accompanied by our teachers Lukas Draxler and Marina-Elisabeth Herischko. We started off our trip by spending the first two days in the Highlands, where the breathtaking landscapes immediately captivated us. And even though the weather was typically rainy for Scotland, we managed to climb up Ben A’an and were rewarded with an astonishing view at the top. From majestic mountains to beautiful lakes, the natural beauty of this region was overwhelming. Besides that, we also visited Stirling castle and the coastal town of St. Andrews, which is known as the home of golf.

After this impressive start, we went to Edinburgh for five days, staying with host families. They not only gave us a place to stay but also valuable insights into Scottish culture and lifestyle. We spent our mornings at the language school, where we learned English intensively and enhanced our language skills. The teachers made sure the lessons were interactive and exciting and we also got to know some Scottish words and phrases. In the afternoons, we engaged in fun activities like a guided tour through the city, a sports challenge and a scavenger hunt. One highlight was the hike up to Arthur's Seat, where we enjoyed a wonderful view of the city and its surroundings. In our free time, we could explore Edinburgh on our own and had the chance to immerse in a new culture and meet new people. Our language trip to Scotland was an unforgettable experience, which will not be forgotten soon!

Haste Ye Back!